Why Become a MultiAD Advertiser?Helping you make the right decision!

Build Your Brand

Build your brand awareness with MultiAD. We created the perfect avenue to quickly make your brand known to your target audience.

Highest Impression Rate

Our system delivers the highest impression rate across any system in the GTA. MultiAD carries as much as 250 000 Impressions a month!

Wait Based Locations

MultiAD locations are chosen based on wait times. The longer the wait, the higher the exposure.


Our systems see over 350 000 people monthly. Coupled with our amazing impression rate, theres no reason to think twice.

Area Based

Target the area where it matters most. Engage customers who can easily visit and find your business.

On-Demand Ad Control

Never wait to update your ad. Our system has an instant ad update feature that allows you to be in the driver seat.

Built To Grow

Your business grows as we do. The more locations we acquire in your region, the more exposure you receive.

Our Concept

MultiAD is Toronto’s newest digital signage network. Our revolutionary design is built to change the way businesses advertise across the city. Essentially, MultiAD is an informative entertainment channel created with consumers and businesses in mind. Our experts know exactly what matters when it comes to advertising. Multiad is placed in key locations, such as Doctor’s Offices, Take-Out Restaurants, Grocery Stores and other wait-based locations. This paired with our universally amazing concept is sure to make an impact for your business.

Over 30 Locations in the GTA...And Counting!

West GTA
  • Apirami Supermarket
  • Asian Cash & Carry
  • Annapoorna
  • Bitunthavanam
  • Kishan TakeOut
  • Maple Grocery
  • New Vanni Market
  • Royal Taasty Bakery
  • South Asian Supermarket
  • Uthayas Supermarket Ltd
  • Uthayaam Supermarket
  • Vinayagar Vilas
East GTA
  • AGR Money Transfer
  • Chris Bread Bakery
  • Dr.Kiruba's Office
  • Dr. Dilipkumar Methar Office
  • Gunams Supermarket
  • Gasa Supermarket
  • MJS GoldHouse
  • New Oceans Supermarket
  • New Spiceland Takeout
  • New Hopper Hut
  • Siva's Trading
  • Rouge Bakery
  • Sun City Supermarkets LTD
  • Sri Ayyappa Samajam of Ontario
  • Warden Finch Medical Clinic
  • Yogas Meats & Grocery
  • Yal Market

Our Advertising Locations on Google MapsThe GTA can be quite large. Let us help you navigate around!

Our Advertising Packages


• Plays every 4 1/2 minutes

• Over 4000 Impressions, Monthly, 200 000 Impressions across all locations

• On-Demand Ad Control

$ 249Monthly

• Includes Bronze Package

• Plays 15 Second HD Video Commercial twice every hour

• Plays 700 Times a month, 35,000 across all location

$ 349 Monthly

• Includes Basic & Deluxe Package

• Plays 15 Second fullscreen HD Video Commercial twice every hour

• Plays 300 Times a month,15,000 across all locations

$ 449 Monthly

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